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Affordable luxury that lasts.

It's exactly what carpet was meant to be - wonderfully soft and exceptionally durable. EverTouch is Shaw's innovative, branded nylon carpet fiber that offers luxury with the resilience that life demands. And the advantages aren't just functional. They're financial. EverTouch carpet styles are priced far less than comparable products.

So what's the secret? EverTouch carpets are crafted with fine-denier filaments. The smaller denier, which is a weight-per-unit-length measurement, produces the supple touch, while advanced yarn engineering accounts for the superior durability. In contrast to their softness, EverTouch carpets are tough enough for any room in the home. As with all Shaw carpets, each style is rigorously tested and given an appearance-retention performance rating. Test results confirm that EverTouch styles perform as well or better than comparable products made from traditional nylon fiber systems.

And carpets of EverTouch are as beautiful as they are soft. From luxurious and comfortable cut piles to sophisticated loop styles, Shaw's EverTouch collection offers unmatched options. From traditional to contemporary, there is an EverTouch carpet to complement every taste.

While these attributes give EverTouch consumers distinct advantages, there is another, increasingly important element to consider: environmental stewardship. All EverTouch nylon products are Type 6 nylon (Nylon 6), a fiber used in such applications as residential and commercial carpet, as well as other products, and it is the only nylon fiber capable of being recycled repeatedly.

Evergreen Nylon Recycling, Shaw's nylon recycling operation in Augusta, Georgia, employes patented technology that converts nylon carpet into the building block of new nylon fiber, which is returned to carpet manufacturing. Evergreen is designed to utilize post-consumer carpets in a "cradle-to-cradle," closed-loop process. The sustainable cradle-to-cradle process allows Shaw's EverTouch and other Type 6 nylon fibers to be recycled over and over again without the loss of any aesthetic or performance properties.

Most EverTouch carpets come with SoftBac Platinum to enhance the overall feel of the carpet, as well as R2X® , Shaw's patented combined stain and soil resistance treatment that provides unequaled protection.