Durability - Made in America by Americans, building durable & beautiful floors to withstand your busy lifestyle. High scratch-resistant finish allows you to not worry about your floors.

Natural looks - Made in America gives your home the natural beauty and style you desire.

Easy Install, Easy Care - No nails and no glue allows you to lock your new floor and install with ease.

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For a fresh new look today that will provide timeless style for tomorrow, nothing transforms a room like a new floor from Quick Step.

The floor your love for it's style should fit your lifestyle too. Quality. Durability. Craftsmanship. We take pride in ensuring every Quick Step floor will stand up to whatever you and your family dish out. So the floors you install today will look beautiful for the tomorrows yet to come.

Tough is how we roll.
We manufacture our floors to offer superior durability, with most collections earning an AC4 wear-layer rating. So you won't experience unsightly wear in high traffic areas in your home.

Re-marker-able stain resistance.
Marker mishaps don't have to be a problem. Wipe them up quickly; permanent markers are anything but permanent, thanks to a transparent overlay that helps protect against stains, wear, scratches, burns and damage from many common household items.

A brilliance that's hard to mimic.
Changing colors works for chameleons...floors, not so much. While hardwood and other laminates may darken or fade in sunlight, thanks to our transparent overlay that blocks out harmful UV rays, our floors remain vibrant year after year.

Pairs well with a nice burgundy.
Spills aren't a problem. Thanks to our patented Uniclic locking system, planks fit lightly together so when cleaned up quickly, spills wipe away easily without damaging or staining the floor.

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Evoke Laminates are rich in character: some down to Earth, some with a sophisticated polish. Whether your tastes are modern or vintage, you'll click with one of these characters.

Floors are like people, and evoke is warm, inviting, and touchy-feely. Fashionable, yet timeless. Whimsical, yet reliable. Always alluring and never high-maintenance, evoke doesnt require any fancy lotions, potions, or beauty routines. That gorgeous exterior is remarkably resilient to whatever life sends its way.

Evoke has a floor for every taste, every room, and every budget. Our laminates look like they could have come straight from a Paris loft or an Italian farmhouse. The luxury vinyl group is loved for its no-fuss approach to living and ability to age gracefully. Built for commitment, evoke will always look as fabulous as the day you met.

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