Our Service

We serve builders. Period. Our builder focus and solid reputation with industry manufacturers gives us tremendous buying power - savings that we pass on to our customers.

The builder is our customer and the homebuyers are the builder's customer. This is an important distinction that is maintained at all times. Our design professionals do not receive sales commissions. This insures that the homebuyer will not be pushed into unnecessary upgrades and the reputation of the builder is maintained.

We measure every house even when we have done a given house plan many times before. This helps us to better monitor the schedule and discern jobsite conditions.

We order products well in advance of the installation schedule to minimize backorder problems. Our inventory is closely monitored on a daily/weekly basis to facilitate a smooth installation schedule.

Our installers are among the finest in the industry. Most of them have worked with us for over ten years and some them for many more. We prefer to pay them well so the job is done right the first time. That is our expectation for every house. We have systems in place to minimize dry runs and to make sure the installer has everything needed for the job. The schedule is very flexible and dynamic because our installers are versatile, and our systems are designed to accommodate hourly changes with very little effort. The schedule team is available by phone, fax, and email throughout every business day. All jobs are verified for readiness 24 hours before the scheduled day.

Initial contacts for warranty and services issues are made within 48 hours. High priority is given to service concerns that affect house closings and move-in dates. All warranty and services repairs are completed on a timely basis.

We serve builders. Period