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We scour the world for the highest grade of stone and pass our knowledge and collective savings onto you. This makes you successful as a distributor. We deliver the most margin with the least liability to you.


"Cultured", or man-made, stone products are custom molded pieces, generally created from polyester resin. They are beautiful, versatile and affordable... costing just a fraction of real stone.

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Nothing compares to the classic beauty of natural stone. From granite to marble to slate, this highly functional material provides a versatility of design, bringing a rich and timeless ambiance to any room. Natural stone is durable; however, we do recommend that all natural stone be sealed upon installation to protect against everyday wear, dirt, and spills. When maintained properly, it will convey an elegant touch of long-lasting distinction and increased value to your home.

Excellent customer service, competitive pricing and a unique variety of material is what Pental Granite and Marble represents. The company began in 1999, with a few selections in granite slabs, and has since become one of the largest wholesale tile and stone distributors on the West Coast. Pental online is our latest effort to provide you with the newest product information and quality service.

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